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Monday, March 19, 2012

In My earlier posts, it has been discussed about the configuration of Database

In this post, we are going to see about the Repository Creation Utility for OBIEE11g.

Even though you are using the OS 64 Bit, the RCU available for OBIEE 11g is 32 Bit. You can install and configure RCU for 32 Bit. The part No has been detailed on my first post on this subject.

Once you download the part from, unzip the content. It will create rcuHome.

From the bin folder, type


After welcome Page, Provide the connection details.

It will check for the connectivity and initialize the repository Configuration.

Select the components to be installed.

Note down the Schema Owner, it will be asked by the OBIEE installer later.

For creation of the schema it will require a password. Please provide as easy to remember. These are the details, you need to present during the installation of Weblogic and OBIEE.

Tablespace and Temporary Tablespace will be created during the install.

Once the completion summary appears, you are through with RCU for OBIEE.

Log file location and the status are located as shown.